A vision to

Empower Women

The DC Metro Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative is a network of clinicians, researchers, and advocates in the Washington DC area dedicated to improving the emotional well-being of parents during the perinatal period. With diverse specialties, areas of expertise, training, and a shared commitment to the mental health needs of perinatal women and their families, we treat, study, teach, and advocate about the emotional and psychological issues affecting women before, during and after pregnancy.  The first resource of its kind in the Nation’s Capitol, the Collaborative brings together different specialists to help perinatal women access the best mental health care available.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create an empowered, informed and connected community that supports women and their families to achieve strong and enduring mental health during pregnancy and the year following birth.

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We are always looking to expand this amazing network. There are many ways to get involved whether that be through attending events, teaching, outreach to the community or supporting other providers.


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Enjoy benefits such as education, training opportunities, and access to the largest perinatal mental health network in the DC Metro area.


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